As always, both my daughters have had a really inspirational and super fun week. Thank you to everyone at the Hive! Absolutely brilliant what you guys do. Being in education myself I really know how much effort goes into what you do, and it’s just a pleasure greeting my kids at the end of each day, who are super tired, a few bruises (as they have been getting 110% stuck in), big smiles on their faces and really excited about what they have been doing, their mission leaders and new friends.
— Tarek El-Semman, 15th April 2018
My children had a fabulous time at the Hive. My daughter loved cave dwellers especially the clay making and pewter making. The presentation at the end was very sweet and the children were so proud of themselves. Their leader was fantastic. The boys were in the “Ali in Wonderland ‘ group and again the the standard of teaching was amazing . The teacher was really inspiring and we couldn’t believe the children performed the whole story of Alice in Wonderland on Friday. My kids had a great time, thank you.
— Mary Duffy, 15th April 2018
Your team are superb, especially with children who need a bit of extra coaching and coaxing. The kids get to do such varied and unusual things and my son always looks forward to his next Hive adventure in a way he has never looked forward to other holiday clubs.
— Katherine Trill, 17th April 2018
The Hive’s missions completely inspire my child to be outdoors and continue to build on the amazing experiences that the Hive missions provide. The facilitators really know their stuff and engage with the children 100%, treating them as individuals and the content of the missions is fantastic. Thank you so much.
— Ruth Kennedy, 13th April 2018
My children just experienced the first day but were disappointed that I hadn’t booked more days as they had such a good time. They spent the evening excitedly telling us everything they had done at The Hive and we were very pleased that they had both enjoyed it. I will be booking again in the summer holidays. Thank you!
— Liz Williams, 11th April 2018
My son had a truly wonderful 4 days. I didn’t think he would enjoy an art and craft mission, but I was wrong! He was engaged with all aspects of the mission, and especially enjoyed making the stop motion movies. Thanks to Charlotte!
— Nadika Jouy, 29th April 2018
My daughter had a wonderful time and was fully engaged throughout. She loved meeting new characters and was swept away with the story and talking about it lots at home!
— Anna Myers, 18th April 2018
I can’t recommend the Hive enough. The programmes are so well thought out and imaginative. I have yet to find another holiday ‘club’ that incorporates such a wide range of activities. My boys (10 and 7) have been on three missions over the last year and absolutely love it and have really engaged with the story element of the missions that they have taken part in. The staff are brilliant and make every child feel so special. My children never complain about going and positively look forward to each day
— Hilary Morton, 2017
My 6 & 8 year old girls loved every second and are desperate to go back in the summer. The smaller groups make it perfect for shy children and the fact that they could be in the same group was great. It sounded like it was lots of fun, taught them lots of new things and also encouraged them to try new things. A great experience all round, thank you.
— Nicola Watson, 2016
My daughter recently attended the Legend of the Secret Jewels and had an amazing time. Every course at the Hive that we have attended has been well organised, full of interesting activities and lots of fun. We would thoroughly recommend checking it out!
— Alyson Longley, 2016
My son joined “The Katniss Squad” mission at The Hive, Eltham over the Easter break and really enjoyed it. I only signed him for two days, since this was his first time and he can be a bit shy, but at the end he said he would have liked to stay for the third day of the mission. He’s looking forward to going again in the summer. I think the structure works really well - the children are organised into small groups, in similar ages, to work together on a particular project for a few days under good supervision and direction. It is fun and teaches some interesting skills and teamwork.
— Mike Talbot, 2016
Both my daughters (aged 6.5 and 10) love going to the Hive - the creativity and thought behind every activity is amazing. The team is fantastic, led by Caroline who’s always smiling and full of enthusiasm - even at the end of action packed days with roomful of kids. Saying that, their venue is very spacious, and kids spend as much time outdoors as possible - weather permitting.

After attending the Hive for over two weeks over the last couple of years, I thought the novelty would somehow diminish for my girls, but they attended for a third time recently and still had a wonderful time. They baked bread on the last day of the week, and then felt so confident that they made another bread from scratch at home the day after!
— Yasemin Kural, 2015
I just wanted to send you a personal email to thank you so much for inspiring my son this week. He enjoyed Project Spyglass so much and has not yet stopped talking about it. He has done quite a lot of summer camps and clubs and this was by far his favourite so thank you so much for making it a great experience for the kids.
— Emma Hudson, 2015
Honestly the most brilliant kids activity I have come across by a very very long way. I am so thrilled someone has done something like this. The concept is ingenious and the execution flawless. Could not recommend highly enough.
— Alisa Miller, 2015
‘My two boys, aged 5 and 7 had a fabulous time at The Hive. It is a wonderful mixture of fun and learning. Incredibly thoughtful and detailed narratives bring mystery and excitement to activities. Introducing themes of storytelling to physical challenges. An extraordinary and unique combination that stretches the imagination and the physical skillset of the children. Not your average holiday workshop. I can’t praise it enough.
— Sacha Davison-Lunt, 2015
The Hive certainly has the thumbs up from my little boy and his friends - it is the only holiday camp that he has returned from wanting to chat about his day and ask the question “When can I go again Mummy?” He loves the outdoors and the Hive certainly pushed all the buttons in terms of doing lots of fun team building stuff outside in a controlled and safe environment. The missions were fantastic and the kids really took individual responsibility in helping solve parts of the jigsaw of the wider piece - the characters were realistic too! I even wish that I could have taken part myself! So a huge thank you to all that made this camp possible.
— Ruth Kennedy, 2015
Just to say thanks, for the week Imogen & Abigail had at the Hive. Without doubt the best school holidays week they’ve ever had - always came home excited to talk about what they had done and what they were going to be doing. They thoroughly enjoyed it and we’ve been recommending it to the parents of their friends ever since.
— Miles Nelson, 2014
Hive Kids is a great concept - getting kids running around, working together, learning new stuff...all the stuff that’s harder to do during term time.....building fires, treasure hunts, mixing potions, geocaching.....and having loads of fun...highly recommended by mum of two boys.
— Rachel Gatiss, 2014
Luca had a fantastic time with you all .. Especially thrilled with the bee keeper.. Was great to find a different holiday club.. See you again!!
— Jo Gennari, 2014
Mac & Ethan absolutely loved their time at The Hive, they will definitely be at the summer camp!
— Arlene Ellis, 2014
Dexter and Bobby had a great time last Thursday and told us excitedly about the bee keeper and all of the fun activities they enjoyed. They’ll be back in the summer for sure!
— Corrie-Jane Rafferty, 2014
Thank you so much for a great day. Lucy had a fantastic time. She thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you may have hit on a winning formula!
— Zoe Gardiner, 2014
Caroline, thank you! The boys burst in full of excitement and said ‘That was great, can we go again’? So I think it definitely ticked their boxes!! Jacques was thrilled with his box of seeds and plants so we spent time on Sunday planting up.
— Alex Sabri, 2014
My daughter went at Easter and she had a great time! It was her first time going and she was a little nervous but picking her up she had a huge smile and loved it.
— Lorna Holland, 2017
My daughter has been three times now to Eltham College and has loved everything! The sessions are so creative and innovative, and very age appropriate.
— Sophie McCready, 2016
We have been long time supporters of The Hive at Eltham College. My daughter most recently participated in the “The Katniss Squad” mission, and was the proud maker of her very own bow, arrow and quiver set! I love the fact that this is based on developing skills and takes place outdoors! The Hive is well run. Caroline and her team are professional and most of all the kids have fun. We will be back for Summer 2016!
— Michelle Petersen, 2016
My daughter absolutely adored her time at The Hive. She is quite furious that I dragged her away and even more cross that you are not running any programs this week!! I think you have hit upon an inspired idea - well done you. My daughter can’t wait to join you again.
— Joanna Blain, 2015
My daughter and son loved their summer at The Hive. My daughter especially loved the campfire cooking. We have told all our friends!
— Rebecca Whitnall, 2015
Our son (6 years) has spent the past two days at The Hive on a Spy Mission - and absolutely loved it! Will be booking for some summer sessions for sure! Thank you Caroline and lovely team
— Annaliesa Chapman, 2015
I wanted to drop you a line to say what a wonderful experience Project Spyglass was for my son. He was completely fascinated by all aspects of the film making and it was so cool to be working with real documentary makers! He loved Gaby and Jo, and was really inspired. It was great to hear that he had a talent for the editing and he’s desperate to do another one!
— Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon, 2015
I’ve sent my kids on 2 missions with the Hive. They have loved both. I love that it’s a mix of outdoors activity, nature, science and art - it appeals to both my son and daughter. They are eager to go every morning and come home excited to share their day. Caroline and her team are energetic, enthusiastic, well organised and make sure that all of the children are involved and safe.
— Mikaela Szollosi, 2015
I just wanted to thank you and your team for giving my sons such an amazing couple of days. They didn’t stop talking about it all the way home and really looked forward to coming back. My older son is getting to the age where everything is “boring” but he was the most excited he has been for a long time. I think they might even have learnt new things too, always an added bonus!
— Louise Smith, 2015
My 8 year old daughter attended the Hive summer camp, and had an amazing time solving the Mystery of the Stolen Calix! We originally only booked for 3 days, but Alice was so eager to solve the mystery, and catch the ‘thief’, that we arranged another day.

Nothing is too much trouble for Caroline and her team, and they go out of their way to ensure that each child has a fun, enjoyable experience at the camp. We are still hearing about Alice’s exciting adventure a week later, and recommend the Hive unreservedly. Sincere thanks.
— SophieWijayaratne, 2014
Thank you so much for doing what you do. Ole had a fantastic week and we already booked another... I’m so glad we found out about the Hive, it is great that the children can be outdoors, play, have adventures, and learn about nature, and they loved it. Everyone has been so friendly and nice. It is a very good feeling when you have to work but know the kids are happy!
— Anja Heilmann, 2014
What a thrilling week! Both my daughters were very happy and buzzing at the end of each day. Thank you Caroline!
— Yasemin Kural, 2014
Margaret has never enjoyed any holiday clubs we’ve tried- until now! Her and George are still talking about the bees, and sorting out their seeds. Many thanks, both would love to come back.
— Helen Fidler, 2014
Thank you for having Emily this week. She had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the whole experience. Even the rain !
— Lisa Botes, 2014
My son and his friend went to The Hive during May half term and loved it! They had fun, learned a lot and couldn’t wait to go back for the second day! I would totally recommend it to anyone. The children were very well looked after with plenty of helpers and responsible adults. I will gladly send him back there this summer!
— Sandra Cullen, 2014
Thanks for organising this project. Harvey had a fabulous time and is very keen to do it all again!! Came straight home to start planting!! Thanks so much.
— Anne Pilkinton, 2014
Thank you so much for organising such a lovely event and thank you for involving Adam. He was absolutely lyrical about the whole day. He came back saying that he had learned how to work in a team, and that it is possible that everybody can contribute in a different way for the benefit of the team!
— Johanna Hartman, 2014
I am really pleased to say that both Oscar & Scarlett were beaming when they got back last night. They both really enjoyed themselves and made some new friends and enthused about the staff and what they had been up to. It sounds like you have a very well-run day camp.
— Lisa Cluer, 2014