We use technology across all our missions but in different ways, depending on each specific activity, the age of the children and the nature of each mission.

We use iPods and iPads, as well as laptops with more specialist software when needed. The technology we use includes Nature Cams, Augmented Reality apps (Aurasma, Zappar, Touchcode), filming and videoing apps and software (iMovie, iMotion,  Animate It), location-based apps (KlikaKlu, Compass Heading), Avatar-based apps (Tellagami), design software and computing tools such as Raspberry Pi as well as quizzes, self-publishing tools and QR codes. 

Technology is always used to support creativity, exploration and interactivity. It is never the primary focus. It helps our campers interrogate and discover whilst subtly building their digital skills.  

We believe that not only does technology used well  support children's engagement in the outdoors, the way in which it is used at The Hive fosters investigation, imagination, communication and enterprise, the core of our learning approach. It is always specific to an activity, used in context and never gratuitous. 

Our technology set-up complies with Ofsted requirements and is in line with school provision.