Our Vision

We only have one Earth. At The Hive, we believe that tomorrow's most formidable innovators will be children who can apply creative, digital and scientific skills to sustainability challenges.


Our Mission

The Hive is a response to the growing disconnect from nature more and more children experience. This affects not only their wellbeing but their ability to care for the natural world and how they’re able to apply the skills they develop as they grow up to the environmental challenges we all face.

Our mission is to help children:

  • Spend more time outdoors and in nature
  • Bridge the gap between outdoor learning, innovation and digital skills
  • Develop sustainable values and behaviours
  • Dream up creative solutions to environmental challenges


Our Programmes

1. Teach children nature-based skills that support 21st Century needs, particularly in environmental and sustainability education

2. Promote innovation in Outdoor Learning, with a focus on creative, digital and scientific approaches

3. Engage children from diverse community groups through a growing scholarship scheme

4. Involve a broad range of families and community groups to further our reach and impact

5. Provide affordable training for outdoor and environmental practitioners to support industry wide innovation     


The Hive is a  Social Enterprise. This set up allows us to fulfil and further our mission, as well as measure the impact that we have. This is underpinned by a commitment to re-invest half our profits towards our social purpose: providing 50% + scholarships to at least 15% of all children attending The Hive.