06 Aug - 10 Aug 2018 Age range: 5.5 - 8


06 Aug - 10 Aug 2018 Age range: 5.5 - 8

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mission overview

On the distant planet of Haekon, two groups meet to discuss their future…

After centuries building mega-cities, plants and animals on Haekon began to die off. Once-common species became extinct. The people of Haekon, the Haekos, started to blame each other. The Neos, who looked after the mega-cities, believed the Naturals were deluded ancients, stuck in a time gone by, but they held them responsible for failing to look after the natural world. The Naturals, on the other hand, were steeped in tradition. They remained focused on the welfare of the planet and believed it needed to be treated fairly in return for supporting them. They blamed the Neos for irresponsibly harvesting everything.

When news broke that the extinction of the Haeko people themselves was imminent, Chief Haeko decided to gather the two groups for an emergency council to discuss what to do.

The Council decided to send a mixed band of Natural and Neo-Haekos, led by the Chief, to explore the universe far and wide in search of someone to help find a suitable specimen of natural life with which to renew their planet.

Later, on Earth...

A secret radar facility off the coast of Scotland picks up a faint signal. It's a message! LEAF Agents spring into action. From the first brief communication, LEAF Agents learn about the Haekon peril. To get some advice on how they can help the Haekos, they enlist a habitat and plant specialist, Heather Huntingdon. Together, Heather and LEAF Agents get to work on helping the Haekos. The task is challenging, so first they need to recruit a cohort of cadets…. Are you up to the task?

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Stories & Adventures

5 1/2 - 8 (Years 1 - 4). Please note that this is only a recommendation. In our experience, stories and adventures really engage children up to around 8. Every child is different however and you know your child best! If you are unsure and would like to talk through with us, please free to call or email the team. We'll be very happy to advise.

Our Lead Facilitators tend to be practising Primary School Teachers, supported by Outdoor Practitioners and Drama Professionals. Parents always receive a full list of facilitators a week of so before the start of camp. We operate an overall ratio of 1:8 in our camps. All facilitators are DBS and reference checked; all undergo The Hive in-house safeguarding training. Sites include several fully qualified First Aiders.

Five day mission with the flexibility to book as little as 1 day or as much as 5 days. If you are only booking 1 or 2 days, we suggest choosing the beginning of the week to help the children truly experience the developing story. 

The mission runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm.
Extended care is also available from 8.30am to 6pm - an additional charge applies.

All Hive missions finish with an exhibition, showcase or performance for parents.The format depends on each particular mission. We usually ask parents to arrive between 15 and 30 minutes early to get the most out of the showcases.

Prices for this mission start at £53 per day per child. The daily price decreases as more days are booked. We also offer sibling, multi-week and group discounts. Please click here for further information. 

One free Hive T-Shirt is given to each child on this mission. Replacements will be charged for at a rate of £8 per T-shirt.