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The Hive's approach focuses on innovative ways to engage pupils in Forest School in more urban environments where access to outdoor space is constrained. 

Our Taster Sessions are designed to give participants a taste of the richness and creativity of Forest School learning, particularly in more urban settings. 

They are open to teachers, nursery teams, youth workers and parents and are particularly suitable for individuals wanting to find out more about Forest School and/or considering embarking on Forest School Assistant or Leader training.


The day is split into 4 sessions: 

  1. An introduction to the ethos and theories behind the Forest School principles
  2. A chance to try your hand at a range of skills: fire lighting, den building, whittling, Kelly kettle
  3. An outdoor lunch cooked as a group over the fire 
  4. An opportunity to have a go at woodland crafts 


All sessions run from 10am to 4pm 


All Taster Sessions are led by Nikki McKnight.
Click here to read about Nikki's background and experience.


The sessions can be  held at our venue - Stavehill Park - or at your own venue.

Stavehill Ecology Park
Timber Pond Road
London SE16 6AX

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