DISCOVER OUR amazing outdoor missions

Children thrive in nature. We just need to get them there!

The Hive's unique concept offers an innovative Forest School setting to explore, create, experiment and play in the outdoors.
Blending digital technology, gamified learning and storytelling, our immersive Outdoor Missions are fast-paced,
hands-on and lots of fun! From science to fire lighting, filmmaking to geocaching, design to cooking,
children use real tools to solve real problems with results they can be proud of!

Which mission will they choose?


We offer six types of missions, depending on the age of the children, their interests and how they most enjoy the outdoors. 


We may be Agents, Time travellers, Spies, Treasure hunters, Wizards. One thing is for sure: we cannot fail in our mission! There are Aliens to be rescued, Pirates to track, Witches to save, Stag Beetles and Bats who need our help, Eradicons to fight.... We'll have to overcome challenges, solve clues, learn new skills, make lots of tools and contraptions, be clever with how we use our technology and maybe even survive in the wild! 



Can you imagine building your own Go Kart and racing it or designing and making a proper lair for you and your friends to chill in?  What about inventing and engineering your own flying machine? The Hive's Makers Lab makes it possible. Bringing together design, architecture, engineering and construction, these missions are perfect for children who love being in the workshop, dreaming up structures, building and tinkering. 

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Are you good at solving problems? Can you cope in nature? How would you fare in the wild? Come and challenge yourself on these adrenaline fuelled missions! You'll need self-reliance, discipline and imagination to survive... You'll learn shelter building, tool use, fire making, concealment and camouflage, navigation and survival in assignments that grow in difficulty, complexity and excitement! Perfect for budding Special Forces...  


grow. cook. eat

These missions are truly hands-on! Creating potions like a herbalist, cooking like a wild chef, growing your own miniature garden the botanist way, learning to keep bees or dissecting flowers like a true biologist, these adventures are not for the faint hearted. If you love science, nature, minibeasts, gorgeous smells and yummy food, you'll have a ball! These missions are designed like workshops with a focus on discovery and experiential learning!

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Would you fancy having a go at story-boarding, shooting and editing a nature film with professionals? What about producing your own Art Trail Exhibition or perfecting your knife skills by creating amazing wood sculptures? You'll need stamina and tons of ideas! You'll get to be as inventive as you want to be, supported by practising artists, exciting props and materials to achieve your ambition. 


science & tech

Do you love tech? Building prototypes? Dreaming up robots? Learning coding? On these missions, we use science, electronics and computing to explore, understand and protect our planet. We have a go at using Raspberry Pis to watch the Earth from the sky with our very own Kite Drone. We use robots to observe wildlife, solar technology to power all sorts of things. Science, technology and nature coming together for sustainability!

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our approach



We offer a huge range of outdoor activities designed as exciting immersive adventures packed with subtle learning. From bushcraft to potion making, fire lighting to den building, foraging, geocaching, nature filmmaking, go-kart building, storytelling, wood carving, wild cooking, archery, kite making, nature art and more, children explore, play, make and experiment, walking away with skills to last a lifetime!




We believe that tomorrow's innovators will be children who can apply digital skills to physical challenges. Used purposefully, technology supports creativity in nature: iPods, iPads, nature cameras, GoPro cameras and GPS  are integral to our missions. From AR games and Zapcode riddles through to iMovie filmmaking, BookCreator story writing, GoPro kite flying and trail photography, activities are wide-ranging.





Our facilitators have hugely varied backgrounds - artists, film-makers, teachers, actors, botanists, herbalists, bushcraft experts, forest school leaders, kite makers, woodworkers, bee keepers, etc. - but their passion for sharing their skills and expertise with children is common to all of them. All our Lead Facilitators are known experts in their field with years of experience of engaging children in the outdoors. Children's teams are kept small with lots of one-to-one support and an adult ratio of 1:8.  






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